Relic Knights

Relic Knight Miniature Bundle


A bundle of Relic Knight figurines! This little bundle includes the following:

  • Pacer Cerci Speed Circuit Minion - still in unopened plastic with 2 cards;
  • Princess Malya & Mr. Tomn Ceri Speed Circuit Relic Knight - still in unopened plastic with 4 cards;
  • Corsairs Star Nebula & Cosair Minions - still in unopened plastic with 2 cards;
  • Hell's Belles Cerci Speed Circuit Minions - two plastic bags unopened and one zip lock bag with figurines - no cards included.
  • 2 x Packs of Relic Knight Battle cards - 54 in each;
  • Small Relic Knights Dark Space Calamity booklet. 

Whilst we do our best to ensure all pieces are included, please email us if you have any questions regarding items. 

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