Vintage Yashica MF2 Super Point + Shoot 35mm Film Camera + Case

Made by the Kyocera Corporation of Japan.
  • 38mm lens
  • Pop-up flash and a DX-coding system
  • Takes 35mm film
  • Seems to be in working order however is untested with film
  • Comes with original soft case + strap

The MF-2 Super was a camera that you didn't have to fiddle around with in hopes of getting a good exposure. Of course, it had a decent 38 mm lens out front that was able to take good photos but if you really wanted great results from this camera, you had to work for it. Minding the focusing distance of more than one meter is vital to taking home clean and sharp images with this point-and-shoot. What the MF-2 Super lacked in amenities, it made up for with its appealing black finish with red details and convenient shooting experience. It was definitely a camera that you could burn through a whole film roll with while having fun.

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