Royal Scots

Vintage WW2 The Royal Scots Original Glengarry Side Cap


 A deep midnight blue side cap made from what feels like a thick and warm wool fabric, lined in a heavy cotton feeling fabric, and tied at the back with large black ribbons. Blue, cream & black checks surround the bottom half of the hat which has large metal brooch with The Royal Scots emblem on it. It looks at one point to have held feathers here, but they have since vanished. This is a vintage piece and as such does have some wear to it. The inner hat/lining has been repaired, and the metal brooch has some rust too it, whilst the back ribbons have some holes in it. This is still a beautiful piece of history. 

  • 7/10 condition;
  • feels like wool, with a cotton lining;
  • approximately 27cm. 

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