Joy Berry

Vintage 80s 'The Survival Series for Kids' - Joy Berry


Ahh surviving childhood! Definitely much harder than paying bills, arguing with your land lord, eating stupid healthy salad, and doing your taxes. Channel some nostalgia, or prepare your sweet precious angels for such problems as 'cleaning your room', 'clean yourself up' or perhaps more important than ever 'we can't afford it!' 

These excellent book series are in pre-loved condition, having being clearly well used by some intelligent now adult. 

  • 7/10 condition;
  • 17 x books;
  • 1980s;
  • hardcover;
  • 22cm x 14.5cm. 

Includes the following:

  • Cleaning your Room;
  • Clean Yourself Up;
  • We Can't Afford it;
  • Stand Up Straight;
  • Be Kind to Your Guest x 2;
  • Be Good While You're There;
  • Earn Your Allowance;
  • Turn Off the Water & Lights!
  • Take Care of Your Clothes;
  • Make your Breakfast & Lunch;
  • Do something Else besides Watching TV;
  • Get Off The Phone;
  • Help!;
  • What Should you Say, Dear?;
  • Write to Grandma;
  • Be Careful 

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