Vintage 60s Tupperware Carousel Caddy With Pastel Beakers & Containers

Talk about retro/vintage! This Tupperware caddy is a gift from picnics past, featuring six 450ml beakers in a gorgeous selection of pastel colours and with tight fitting lids and nestled within their holders in the bottom part of the caddy. Perfect for camping or picnics, also included are these four small containers. The caddy itself has been given a once over with Gumption and a toothbrush, but could do with a further scrub to really bring out that white base. There is a stirring spoon also missing, with only 5 provided. 
  • Condition 7/10
  • Six 450ml pastel beakers with lids
  • Four 5cm x 7cm containers 
  • 33cm tall x 33cm diameter 
  • 5 stirring spoons included 
  • Detachable handle 

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