Dare Wright

The Little One by Dare Wright


This is the story of a little doll named Persis who was rescued from a deserted farmhouse by a kindly turtle. "You run along now and see the world," Turtle told her as he led her out of the dim old house into the light. As the sun warmed Persis, and the wind blew the last bit of dust off her, that is exactly what she set off to do. Nice Bear and Cross Bear were taking their afternoon walk when they discovered Persis napping under a May apple. When the little doll woke up, she asked if she could go home with the bears and off they went together. Nice Bear showed her the fun of the bright outdoors and fed her on honey and berries. Cross Bear, who was exceedingly grumpy, called Persis a little nuisance until an accident made him realize how much he cared for her, too.

  • 7/10 condition - wear to the cover & pages;
  • hardcover;
  • written by Dare Wright;
  • 31 x 22cm. 

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