Studio McVey

Sedition Wars - Battle for Alabaster

$20 $55

'Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster is a fast-paced tactical miniature game for two players. Survival horror at its finest, game play is fast and bloody, creating urgency and claustrophobic terror as the Vanguard fight for their lives against an unrelenting Strain.

Battle for Alabaster is a survival horror themed tactical science fiction miniatures game from Studio McVey. Pitting the stalwart Vanguard and the horrific Strain against one another in a miniatures board-game for two players, Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster is exciting and easy to learn and calls to miniature enthusiasts, hobbyists and gamers everywhere. ' Read more on this game here!

Please note - whilst we do our best in auditing game pieces we cannot always ensure all parts are included. Please email us with any questions or to request additional pictures before purchase at

  • This game appears to be in excellent condition; many pieces are still in their original unopened packaging including cards and miniatures, but is however missing its rule book;
  • 5 x cardboard terrain;
  • 8 x dice. 

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