Opening Ceremony

Shinoyama x Opening Ceremony 'Nude' Photographic Print Tank Top - AU12


Opening Cermony links with celebrated Japanese photographer Kishin Shinoyama for a collaborative capsule range. Sourced from the artist’s renowned photography book, nudé, the release is packed with commanding graphics.

Known for photographing luminaries like Rie Miyazawa, John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Shinoyama rose to fame in the art world for his striking portrait photography. Emblazoned across bags, shirts and dresses, the selection makes liberal use of Shinoyama’s craft, splashing pictures of nude models across desert landscapes. Wide tees juxtapose imagery with inverted colors and hypnotic zebra-print backdrops, with “SHINOYAMA” and Opening Ceremony branding utilized liberally throughout. A selection of bags center the book’s name across its photos, while a variety of sweaters utilize plain color bases to emphasize the bold photographs.

  • 9/10 condition;
  • AU12;
  • retailed for $300 USD;
  • polyester;


  • bust 48cm;
  • length 54cm. 

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