Jihlava Bohemia Hand Cut Lead Crystal Decanter

$80 $150

 This extra large lead crystal decanter  stands a whopping 40cm tall and has all original makers stickers. The teardrop shaped body features a simple handcut design around the outer with a classic starburst cut into the base. 

  • Condition 10/10. Stunning vintage condition with no chips, cracks or scratches. Most likely never used.
  • Measures 40cm tall and 13cm wide. Weighs around 7kgs
  • made in Czech Republic

Czech crystal has been well known for its distinctiveness and originality since the beginning of the 18th centruy. Through time, Czech craftsmen have mastered glass technology like no one else. Jihlava glassworks was especially instrumental in spreading the fame of Czech crystal. In 1845, Karl Anton founded the glassworks in Antoninuv Dul, near Jihlava. The town of Jihlava is the oldest of the Bohemia mining towns. Czech crystal contains 24% PbO which gives it a greater sparkle, making it more desirable.

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