A Matter of Honor

A Matter of Honor 5 Rings - 2013 Edition

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'In the provinces of the Lion Clan, the peace of the plains is shattered by the appearance of an oni, a monstrosity from the Realm of Evil, Once the beast is defeated, at the cost of many Samurai's lives, the Lion's ir turns to the Crab Clan. Are the Crab not the guardians who protect the Empire from such nightmares? Surely such a terrible thing would never have occurred if the Lion had stood guard over the Carpenter Wall. Ill will turns to bold words, and old words soon turn to bloodshed. With the two greatest armies of the Empire at one another's throats, who will emerge victorious? 

  • ages 14 plus;
  • 2 players;
  • 30 to 45 minutes playing time.

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