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1982 Reproduction of An Antique Book From 1890 Titled "The City Park"


 THis 1982 "Reproduction of An Antique Book From (1890) is Titled "The City Park". On the back of the book it says "TheCity Park is a reproduction of an antique book designed by Lothar Meggendorfer (1847-1925) and published around 1890. This unique book recreates the colourful atmosphere and panoramic views of a typical European city park in the late 19th centuary, and it adds to the broad range of superb movable books that is the genius of Lothar Meggendofer." There are examples of how to set up the park. The book has 14 double sided pages.     


  • Condition-  8/10. Great vintage condition with some scuffs and wear to the edges. All pages are intact.
  • Measurements - Height 26.5cm x 24cm

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